Who Rescues Who

Youth Program

Our animal rescue program is also an educational facility that teaches children about animals in a way that will change their perspective about themselves and the world around them.  We show children that even though we all have our differences we are the same inside. Every living being has language and needs food, water, shelter, and love.  

We teach the children basic horsemanship and barn management and address the tough issues like why roosters crow, why pigs love mud, and why goats chew. We explore how each species communicates through body language. Children naturally identify with animals so we use their interactions with animals to guide them in their behavior with other people. Abused children frequently turn into abusers or develop other behaviors. By teaching empathy through animal husbandry and uniting kids with all life, our youth program helps turn these at-risk kids into protectors instead of abusers or worse. 

We believe that our animals are particularly helpful with these kids . First, the animals at Who Rescues Who  all have histories of abuse, neglect, abandonment, or worse. Often the children share similar pasts, and hearing the stories of the animals helps them see that change is possible. As they see that the animals are safe here with us, the kids begin to open up, as they begin to feel safe.  Finally, we believe that animals, with their unconditional love and non judgmental attitude, can often reach kids more deeply an d effectively than people can. As the youth learn to love the animals, they simultaneously learn to love themselves and hopefully each other. Learning to understand the animals offers a path to better understand themselves. Identifying with the animals at Who Re scues Who helps the them feel safe. When we explore how our abused animals have learned to forgive and overcome their pasts, the animals become role models helping the youths reach their goals of surpassing their pain and reaching for their bright futures. 

Who Rescues Who?

Do we rescue them or do they rescue us?