Thank you for believing in me and our program and for your endless ideas and support. You will always be with me in this venture and hold a very special place in my Heart. Today, Tomorrow and Forever!!!!!!!!!!

You made me a better person by showing me kindness, giving me strengths I didn't know I had, and teaching me to go after what you believe in, no matter what others say or think. To never give up! I am sooo thankful to have had you in my life  and will miss your random pop-ins that always put a smile on my face and made my day, for sure.

I promised you that cinnamon would have a home with me, forever. That's a done deal and she will continue to help our kids learn to love horses as much as you did. I Love You !!!

These are some of the very special animals we have rescued. Some of them have found new homes but the others could use your help today.

Tyrone Robinson and Cinnamon

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