Animals are all rescues used for students

We love our rescues and soooo appreciate any donations for their care

thank you soooo much

Tyrone Robinson & Cinnamon

April 2017 We had to relocate our program and animals

Needless to say we lost alot.   We are looking for ideas on fundraising to keep these kids going in the right direction with the program. They will also be needing rain gear and rain boots as well as cash donations, for kids weekly lunches, books the list goes on and on

Horses and Animals Donations from & To feed stores for feed, grain meds etc etc, shoeing, vet bills and Safeway/Food/BART cards to keep their transportation from Oakland easy, as commuting in vehicles are not an option for these students. We are brainstorming, but if a family or group of friends could sponsor one student, it will forever make an impact on these kids lives.

Please contact us if you are able to help us continue working with these kids!

How to Help

Thank You For Believing in me, our Program and your endless ideas & Support.

You will always be with me in this venture and hold a very special place in my Heart 

Today, Tomarrow and Forever !!!!!!!!!!

You made me a better person by showing me kindness, strengths I didnt know I had and to go after what you believe in, no matter what others say or think, never give up !!

I am sooo thankful to have had you in my life  and will miss your random pop ins that always put a smile on my face and made my day for sure !

I promised you cinnamon a forever home with me, that's a done deal and she will continue to help our kids learn to love horses as you did.

             I Love You !!!

Who Rescues Who