Who Rescues Who


Who Rescues Who is an Equine Rescue - Rehabilitation/Resources PLUS inner-city youths-at-risk horsemanship program.

In September 2015, we responded to the need created by the Butte Fire in Amador and Calaveras counties.  and in 2017 napa valley fires, 

The devastation that destroyed many homes impacted ranch animals, particularly horses, as well.

Calling on local friends, we collected many, many supplies: medical supplies such as ointments, bandages, and medications, and general supplies such as halters, blankets, buckets, brushes, and bags and bags of feed.  People who lost their homes have no way to care for their horses.

We made several trips to the county fair grounds, which is holding the horses, to deliver the donations.

we also fostered and helped with fostering several horses with burn injuries that require long-term care.